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Information for supervisors seeking an intern

Internships are unpaid and consist of 130 hours of work over the course of a semester.  Work schedules are set between the student and the internship supervisor.  Some students work for 130 hours full time during the summer, while others work 1 or 2 days a week until they have completed 130 hours.  The start time of the internship is flexible; many students begin their internships in September, January, or May/June, but this can be varied to meet the needs of the host organization and the availability of the student.
Internship students are generally in their third year of university.  They are usually taking a full course load (4 courses + internship) during the fall and winter semesters.  In the summer students are usually not taking other courses.

What skills do interns have?

McMaster students enrolled in the Communication Studies and Multimedia programs are eligible for internships.

McMaster Communication Studies students select from courses relating to media, multimedia, new and social media, professional communication, public relations, performance, culture, history, and media ethics.  McMaster’s program aims to equip students with experience making presentations, writing in a variety of styles, and with skills to think critically.  Our program has a strong focus on research methods, which provides students a solid critical and practical foundation as researchers and communicators in both academic and professional settings.  Many students are adept with the critical use of social media.

McMaster Multimedia students have had opportunities to engage in hands-on media production while learning about the social, historical, and theoretical aspects of new media, design, and computing. Students in the program gain a wide range of experience and skills by creating independent and group projects utilizing audio, video, animation, digital games, web and graphic design, and programming.  Multimedia students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to conceive, develop, and create an original Multimedia work in the final year of the program.

McMaster interns have generally achieved an average of B or B+ or higher.

What are my responsibilities?

Internship supervisors agree to

  • provide students with a valuable working experience relating to communications and/or multimedia.
  • meet with the student before the internship begins to set tasks and projects, agree on a schedule, and agree on expectations.
  • meet with students regularly throughout the internship.
  • supply students with the equipment and/or space to complete their work.
  • act as mentors, ensuring that students gain a valuable working experience.

Supervisors should begin by tasking interns simple tasks, and gradually move on to developing a more complex skill set during the timeframe of the internship.

Occasionally, the McMaster internship coordinator will contact you to inquire as to how the internship is progressing.  Supervisors are not expected to provide a formal evaluation or mark; the internship coordinator will evaluate the student based on journal entries, a final learning summary, and a final presentation that the student will do as a part of the course.  There is no other paperwork required by the university.

How does the process work?

If you are interested in hosting a McMaster intern, contact the internship coordinator below.  The internship coordinator will inquire about the skills, experience, and interests that you require in an intern, and will,  if possible, suggest one or more students who may be a “match” for the position.  With students’ permission, the coordinator will provide those students’ CVs, and you may proceed to interview one or more students.  If you decide to host a student, you will then meet with the student to agree on tasks and projects, a work schedule, and expectations.  When all this is confirmed, the student will be granted permission to register in the internship course and your internship experience will begin!

Throughout the internship you are encouraged to contact the internship coordinator should any questions or problems arise.

Interested in more information?

Dr. Philip Savage
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia
Togo Salmon Hall, Room 325
+1(905) 525-9140 ext. 23466