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Andrew Mactavish, Ph.D. (Alberta)

Associate Professor, Multimedia
Phone: 905-525-9140, ext. 23503
Office: TSH-307

I teach courses in the practice and theory of multimedia. In recent years, I have taught MMEDIA 3A03: Advanced Multimedia, MMEDIA 3K03: Digital Games, MMEDIA 4B03: Senior Thesis Project, and CSMM 705: Media, Audiences, and Interactivity. I enjoy blending the practical and theoretical in the courses I teach. I also supervise MA Major Research Projects.

My primary line of research focuses on digital games and digital gaming culture. In 2009, I was awarded a five-year grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, in collaboration with Jacques Carette (Engineering) and Jeff Trzeciak (Library), to study visual scale in digital games and to apply our findings to the design of “serious” games. My previous research on games has focused on the participatory elements of digital gameplay and gaming communities, and the performative pleasures of interacting with special effects technology. My other research interests include digital photography and digital media design.