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Dilyana Mincheva

Assistant Professor
Phone: 905-525-9140 x. 21480
Office: Togo Salmon Hall 305

Dr. Dilyana Mincheva specializes in the study of Muslim intellectual history and thought. Her most recent research is engaged with the culturological study of religious change and the ways in which it particularly informs Islam’s literary, artistic and political (self)-representations across of a variety of media. Dr. Mincheva is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia at McMaster University. She is the bearer of two international awards for research excellence (2012 and 2015) granted by the Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society and the author of the monograph The Politics of Western Muslim Intellectual Discourse in the West: the Emergence of a Western-Islamic Public Sphere (Sussex Academic Press, 2016).

Dr. Mincheva is currently working on two interrelated research projects. The first project examines the free-speech/hate-speech clash and the debates around the human rights complaint launched against Maclean’s magazine in 2007, juxtaposing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Human Rights Act, in order to study the differences of position and representation among such Canadian organizations as the Canadian Islamic Congress, the Saleheddin Islamic Centre, and the Muslim Canadian Congress over such flash-point issues as the banning of the burka (2009). The second research project is on the politics of images, idolatry and iconoclasm in digitally mediated religious discourses. By exploring how idolatry is at the heart of aniconism, Dr. Mincheva tries to understand how the prohibition of images becomes a prevalent social command in worlds dominated by the genre of ISIS-type morbid aesthetics.