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Current Students in the Master of Arts in Communication and New Media Program

Hannah Collinson (she/her)

I am interested in the role that digital media plays in shaping public perceptions of science. When I’m not studying, I like to nap, take photos, drink craft beer, and play with my dog (in no particular order).

Leandra Greenfield (she/her)

For my MRP I intend to explore the impact that online communication channels have on the effectiveness of public organizational apologies and the apology paradox. When I’m not studying you can find me drinking craft beer and baking fresh focaccia in my kitchen.

Beatrice Hammond (she/her)

I completed my undergrad at McMaster with a double major in English and Art History. For my MRP, I am investigating the prevalence, power, and predatory effect that diet culture has on social media platforms as it pertains to eating disorders in minority groups. When I am not studying, I am traveling, teaching dance, and cuddling with my cats!

Zack Jones

My research interests stem from human interaction. For my MRP, I plan on researching coach-athlete relationships and the impact on performance. When I am not studying I enjoy running and coaching.

Alex MacLean

My research interests are machine learning for artists, live coding, and generative art. My MRP will explore how machine listening can be used to analyze high level features of live coding performances and use them as parameters for a system that generates matching visuals. When I’m not studying, I like to play music with my band, Deepsea Challenger, and go running.

Aaliyah Mitchell-Harris (she/her)

My research interests are museology, critical race theory, and women and gender studies. When I am not studying, I like to crochet clothing and make art 🙂

Kim Payne

My research interests are in political economy, communication policy and cultural studies. My MRP: Researching how resource industries impact communities intergenerationally. When not in class, I am in the woods, making things.

Avalon Rae

My MRP will look at how embodied cognition can improve health consciousness. I am interested in philosophy, movement, health and wellness. When I’m not studying I am at the gym practicing Animal Flow.

Morgan Scalena

I am interested in critical media literacy and will be exploring youth interaction with Instagram for my Major Research Project. When I’m not studying, I enjoy playing the violin, drinking wine, and hiking.

Carmen Wiggins (she/her)

I am interested in social mediated crisis communications theory. For my MRP I plan to analyze the relationship between social media and crisis communication responses and how this impacts brand reputation for medically fundraising non-profits. When I am not studying, I like to travel and hangout with my cat.

Paul Woolley

My primary research interest is mass-cultural transformation informed by critical theory framework. To this end, my MRP involves the creation of a codified database of the most popular songs in order to identify potential cultural correlations and deliberate theoretical associations. The research may reveal evidence of synchronous relationships between major political, economic and social trends and popular music. In my non-scholastic endeavors, I am a professional radio announcer and musician.