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Graduate Programs in Communication Studies and Multimedia

Master of Arts in Communication and New Media

The M.A. program in Communication and New Media at McMaster University offers the opportunity for students to gain experience in independent communication studies research and/or multimedia design at the graduate level, while developing advanced knowledge in communication theories and methodologies, and cultivating their interest in one or more subspecialties in this interdisciplinary program (such as media studies, discourse analysis, performance studies, audio and video art, audience studies, computer-mediated methodologies). (Read more)


Master of Communications Management (MCM)

The Master of Communications Management (MCM) Program offers professional communicators, communications executives, educators and entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to earn a postgraduate degree while continuing to earn a living. (Read more)


PhD Program in Communication, New Media and Cultural Studies

This program brings together three interdisciplinary fields that all originated in attempts to understand and debate big problems using tools from the arts, humanities, and social sciences: cultural studies began by trying to articulate the significance of culture beyond the privileged space of the university, communication studies wanted to understand how mass media was changing modern society, and new media scholars and artists wanted to probe how computing and digital communications were changing human knowledge and creativity. (Read more)