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As of June 2020 the latest book in the RIPE series on public service media around the world is available via Nordicom (on-line chapters as free downloads; with orders for the print version available).

For this 9th Reader in RIPE the series, CSMM’s Dr Philip Savage is the lead editor along with colleagues Dr Mercedes Medina (University of Navarra, Spain) and Dr Gregory Ferrell Lowe (University of Tampere, Finland). The collection of new developments in public service media flows from the bi-annual scholarly and public policy RIPE conferences, in this case hosted in Madrid by the University of Navarra and the national Spanish public broadcaster, Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española (RTVE).

Dr Savage has been involved in the conference planning for many of the bi-annual conferences that began 20 years ago in Barcelona. The RIPE conferences and the follow up edited collections of papers have been a valuable a leader in combining scholarly, applied media and public policy insights.

With the planned Geneva RIPE@2020 conference put on hold given the Covid-19 situation, Dr Savage and his co-editors will be co-hosting in the early autumn a series of on-line international panels in which media professionals, students and academics will share questions and insights about the challenges and opportunities facing public service media journalists, planners, researchers, community activists and legislators.

“Our hope” Dr Savage says, “is that our media practitioners, researchers and students in Canada and around the world will find some these developments in media ecosystems useful in their own research, and as an up-to-date international resource for scholarly and communication public policy insights.”