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Join weekly living coding and network music sessions on Estuary. Register for the jam sessions today!

The Networked Imagination Laboratory (NIL), led by CSMM Associate Professor Dr. David Ogborn, is launching an initiative that brings people together to make music and visuals online, from wherever they are in the world. The fromZero online jam sessions, running from mid-May till at least the beginning of July, consist of a regular weekly schedule of meetings in the Estuary platform for live coding and network music. Estuary allows people to make music and visual art in their web browser, using multiple simple live coding languages in collaborative “ensembles”. Estuary is being developed as part of a SSHRC-funded project on network music and live coding, led by Ogborn.

All are welcome to join the sessions, including complete beginners to live coding and network music. The only requirements are a computer with the Chrome, Chromium, or Opera web browser installed (other browsers may work but may not work as well), and basic Internet access. More details about the weekly schedule, and free registration (required) for the jam sessions can be found here:

The fromZero online jam sessions are moderated by researchers from the NIL, including Ogborn as well as CSMM graduate students Alejandro Franco Briones, Alex MacLean, Luis N. del Angel, and Jessica Rodriguez, all of whom are active developers of the Estuary platform. For the research team, the FromZero jam sessions are a chance to share the results of their work with different communities.