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The Ada: Journal of Gender, New Media and Technology is excited to announce the publication of the Ada special issue (No. 16): Emerging Gender, Media and Technology Scholarship in Africa co-edited by Paula Gardner, Audrey Gadzekpo and Leslie Steeves. Ada is an open access journal

Emerging Gender, Media and Technology Scholarship in Africa: Opportunities and Conundrums in African Women’s Navigating Digital Media

Audrey Gadzekpo, Paula Gardner, H. Leslie Steeves

Over the past decade and earlier, much of the academic and grey literature has painted an optimistic picture of rapidly increasing access and growth of digital technologies in Africa. Industry statistics put internet penetration in Africa close to 40 percent and growing, even though the continent still lags behind the world average of Internet users (Internet World Statistics, June 2019). Some estimates predict that by 2025 the sub-continent will add 167 million mobile subscribers to its existing 456 million (GSMA Report, 2019). Mobile devices, especially, have assumed centrality in the lives of ordinary people and provide prospects for Africa to leapfrog into the modern digital world. Smart phones are enabling millions of Africans to share news and information more easily and to tap into all kinds of essential services, much like elsewhere in the world READ MORE