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The 8th iteration of the Imaginary Landscapes festival runs from Dec 3rd – 11th, featuring performances, poster sessions, installations and more, many of them by students in the undergraduate Multimedia and graduate Communication and New Media programs.

Hosted by the Centre for Networked Media and Performance (CNMAP) at McMaster, the festival consists of five events, all of which are free and open to the public (a free advance ticket/registration is required for the last of the five events).

The schedule of events is as follows:
1. Design + Code Generative Artworks
Tue 3 Dec, 2:30-4:20 PM, Black Box Theatre, LR Wilson Hall
Multimedia students present original artworks exploring the emergence of complexity through simple rules.
2. Memorias + Immersive Dreams
Mon 9 Dec 1-4 PM, Networked Imagination Laboratory (TSH-B108) & TSH-114
Two media art installations by two graduate artist-researchers, running in parallel in two nearby spaces connected by a stairwell. Jessica Rodriguez’ Memorias is an installation/performance project that mixes live coding practices with electronic literature – personal memories are expanded in three different materialities: text, visuals and sounds. Alex MacLean’s Immersive Dreams is an interactive virtual reality sound installation that makes VR a communal activity.
3. Interstitial
Tue 10 Dec 1:30-3:30 PM, Black Box Theatre, LR Wilson Hall
Graduate students in “New Media Methods” (taught by David Ogborn) present a casual/demo poster session featuring diverse projects at the intersection of art and research. Artist-researchers: Hannah Collinson, Shelby Do, Leandra Greenfield, Beatrice Hammond, Zack Jones, Alex MacLean, Aaliyah Mitchell-Harris, Rosella Mullin, Kim Payne, Avalon Rae, Jessica Rauchberg, Morgan Scalena, Carmen Wiggins, Paul Wooley
4. Sensorium of Things
Wed 11 Dec 1-4 PM, Fitzhenry Atrium, Togo Salmon Hall
Graduate students in “Cultural Production and the Environment” (taught by Chris Myhr) present their final research-creation projects, examining various threads of historical and contemporary discourse around the environment, ecology, materiality, and human/non-human interrelationships. Artists: Alejandro Franco Briones, Alex MacLean, Kim Payne, Avalon Rae, Paul Woolley
5. Concert in the Networked Imagination Laboratory (NIL)
Wed 11 Dec 4-5:30 PM, Networked Imaginary Laboratory (TSH-B108)
Imaginary Landscapes 8 ends with a concert of radioplays, cinema for the ear, experimental sound design, and live coding (by soloists and by McMaster’s Cybernetic Orchestra), projected on the NIL’s massive multi-channel loudspeaker array. Artists: Fizza Ahmed, Daniel Faitz, Alejandro Franco Briones, Brian Junaid, Lindsay Harrison, Alex MacLean, Samantha McBride, Katrina McMullen, David Ogborn, Luis Navarro del Angel, Jessica Rodriguez, Joshua Rogan, Stephen Surlin,  Alejandro Tamayo, Yalta Wu
Note: Free Eventbrite ticket/registration required for the concert (only) – register here:
All venues are wheelchair accessible (level access, manual doors).
For more information contact David Ogborn <>