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PaulaGardnerThe ABLE (Arts Based Therapies Enabling Longevity for Geriatric Outpatients) project led by Paula Gardner, Asper Chair in Communications and Associate Professor in the CMST department was featured in a McMaster Brighter World article.

The ABLE project includes researchers from health care, computer science, engineering, and communication and multimedia, ranging from undergrads to full professors.

ABLE is a digital platform that older adults or their caregivers can use for either rehabilitation exercises or free-flowing dance movement. People who use ABLE can create a piece of music, paint a digital picture or play a game by waving their hands, dancing or making similar movements. It’s similar to Xbox Kinect or Ninetendo Wii games, except that the result is arts-based, rather than a hole-in-one or knocking all the bowling pins down. Read More