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Sara Bannerman, the Canada Research Chair in Communication Policy and Governance and Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Multimedia in the Faculty of Humanities has been named among McMaster’s powerhouse researchers.

Bannerman is exploring how the collection of personal data — in person or online — affects voters’ trust and how democracy operates.

Bannerman’s previous research, on how Canadians feel about their data and privacy in the context of Smart Cities, showed that Canadians want more control over their data. She and her research partner also developed a set of recommendations to guide cities as they work to balance privacy rights with the benefits of having a networked city.

As well, Bannerman created an interactive online map of existing Smart City technologies in Canada. “If you click on a city, you learn not just which technologies are there, but also about the privacy implications of those technologies.”

That project fits into Bannerman’s research on platform regulation — investigating how Canada regulates online platforms like Netflix, Facebook and Google.