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Spin Cycles, an award radio series about spin, the spinners and the spun

Date: Monday, November 26, 2018

Time: 2:30 p.m.-3:20 p.m. 

Where: CNH 103

Guest SpeakerIra Bassen, CBC producer.

Bio: Ira Basen has had a long career at the CBC, beginning there in 1984. He was senior producer at Sunday Morning and Quirks and Quarks. He has been involved in the creation of three network programs; The Inside Track (1985), This Morning (1997), and Workology (2001), as well as several special series, including “Spin Cycles”, an award winning six part look at PR and the media, that was broadcast on CBC Radio One in January/February 2007.  He continues to produce documentaries for The Sunday Edition on CBC Radio One, focusing primarily on issues around media, marketing, technology, and higher education.

Ira has written for Saturday Night, The Globe and Mail, The Walrus, Maisonneuve, Marketing magazine, the Canadian Journal of Communication, and He has won numerous awards, including the Canadian Science Writers Association Award, the Canadian Nurses Association Award, the Gabriel Award, and the New York Radio Festival Award.  His article “Citizen Uprising”  was included in the book “Best Canadian Essays -2010”, and his article “Age of the Algorithm” was nominated for a 2011 National Magazine Award. Ira has developed several training programs for CBC journalists, including courses on short-form documentary making, “spin”, journalism ethics, and user generated content, as well as a series of webinars on critical thinking. In fall 2012, Ira was the CanWest Fellow in Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario, where he taught a course in the future of journalism.  He has also been on the faculty of the Masters of Communications Management program at McMaster University, where he taught communications ethics.  He has also taught at the School of Journalism at Ryerson University, and in the Media Studies program at the Scarborough Campus of the University of Toronto. He is the co-author of the Canadian edition of The Book of Lists (Knopf Canada, 2005), and a revised edition that was published in 2017.

Abstract: Ira Basen is the producer of Spin Cycles, a radio series about spin, the spinners and the spun. His six episodes won the silver world medal from the New York Festival in the business and consumer issues category. First broadcasted in 2007, Spin Cycles analyzes, in depth, the relationship between politics, business, journalism and public relations.