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Engaging employees through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Date: Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Time: 2:30p.m.- 3:20p.m.

Location: CNH 103

Guest Speaker: Paula Bernardino, MCM

Bio: With more than 15 years of experience, Paula Bernardino has an expertise in strategic corporate communications and public relations acquired while working for large corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Specializing in Corporate Responsibility since 2014, she was Communications Manager, Corporate Responsibility & Engagement for RSA Canada, responsible for the implementation and management of the company’s corporate responsibility strategy and engagement in Canada. In this role she was responsible to increase internal and external awareness regarding the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility. Passionate to develop and implement a sustainability culture across all sectors of a company and put forward the strategic importance of corporate sustainability. She obtained a certificate in Business Sustainability Management from Cambridge University in May 2017 and successfully completed the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training by the Climate Reality Project in October 2017. Paula became a certified CSR Practitioner from the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE), approved by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), in June 2018. She is currently refining her presentation and public speaking skills teaching Internal Stakeholder Communications at McGill University and guest speaking at conferences on strategic communications. Paula graduated from the Master of Communicaitons (MCM) program in 2015.

Abstract: Internal communications are the bridge between an organization and its employees and is now a widely accepted function of any organization. Recently, the organization Benevity in Canada stated that “Today’s employees are expecting a greater sense of purpose in the workplace. In fact, 83% of Millennials say they would be more loyal to their employer when they feel they can make a difference on social and environmental issues at work.” Companies that engage in social and environmental stewardship also benefit from employees who are more aware and involved.

To increase employee engagement, organizations can clearly articulate what their corporate purpose is, and then give employees a way to take part in that purpose. Once the corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and programs have been defined, how do you ensure your communication strategy, plan and actions are aligned and will help deliver the desired results to get employees interested and engaged? How much of a proactive role does communication need to play to align CSR and employee engagement?