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McMaster University

David Harris Smith, Ph.D. York University

David Harris Smith

Assistant Professor
Phone:  905 525-9140 x 23248
Office:  TSH 303

Dr. David Harris Smith is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia at McMaster University and Director of Research for the macGRID Simulation Research Network. His research interests include multidisciplinary practices and applications of avatar virtual worlds including: grounded theory and ethnography of virtual worlds, macGRID multidisciplinary network and Open Simulator platform for research and creation using online virtual worlds, augmented and mixed reality environments, art practice of virtual worlds, assistive media technologies for persons with disabilities, and education and knowledge translation using virtual worlds, new media interaction and interface design, biometric and brain-computer interfaces, cognitive science of media, robotics, artificial intelligence, media arts, and digital cultures. Dr. Smith’s recent cultural robotics project, hitchBOT: The hitchhiking robot has been exhibited in galleries and museums and received extensive international media coverage.

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